1. What are all the ODS procedure have u encountered?
Tracing and selecting the procedure Output;

ODS Trace on;
Proc steps…;
ODS Trace off;
ODS Select statement,
Proc steps…;
ODS Select output-object-list;
ODS Output statement,
ODS output output-object= new SAS dataset;
ODS html body = “path\marinebody.html”Contents = “path\marineTOC.html”Page = “ path\marinepage.html”Frame= “path\marineframe.html”;
…..ODS html close;

ODS rtf file = “filename.rtf” options;
Options like columns=n, bodytitle, SASdate and style.ODS rtf close;

SimilarlyODS Pdf file = “filename.pdf” options;
…….. ODS pdf close;

2. What is your experience with ODS?
A. I have used ODS for creating files output formats RTF HTML and PDF as per the requirement of my manager. HTML files could be posted on the web site for viewing or can also be imported into word processors.
ODS HTML body = ‘path’ Contents= ‘path’Frame = ‘path’ODS HTML close;
ODS RTF FILE = ‘path’;
ODS RTF close;

When we create RTF output we can copy it into word document and edit and resize it like word tables.

3. What does the trace option do?
A. ODS Trace is used to find the names of the particular output objects when several of them are created by some procedure.


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